Albrighton & Woodland Hunt


Hound Sponsors Newsletter January 2020

All hounds have been working extremely well so far, however Stilton does stand out especially for his usefulness in putting the pack right at a check. Jamie is planning to use him as a stallion hound to father a litter in due course. Bobtail, his dam is still an extremely good hound so hopefully these genes will continue. Both these hounds were walked by Gilly Wheeler but sadly they don’t have sponsors at the moment.

Secret and Sequin – new entries this season - are proving to be very fast and a force for the future. Again these girls were walked by Gilly and are sponsored by Trish White and Martin Derby respectively.

Gravity is another good bitch with a distinctive voice and stands out for her ability to find and mark. Gravity was walked by Val Yewbury and again has no sponsor (we need sponsors for the older hounds as everyone seems to like choosing a new puppy every year!).

Jamie and I thought those of you who are not so familiar with kennel routine would like an insight into what goes on during the hunting season:

On a non-hunting day the whole pack gets walked twice a day as the exercise paddock is unusable during the winter due to the wet ground conditions (especially so this winter).

On hunting days all the hounds are taken for a very early 45 minute walk, which enables Jamie to see if any are lame, hot (coming into season) or otherwise off-colour. They have their feet washed and a list is made of who will actually be hunting. These hounds are then separated from those who won’t be going. The beds are then tidied (beds are changed every non hunting day) and the yards washed off. Those not hunting and any pups are then fed. Food is then got ready for the hunting hounds.

When they come back they are fed straight away, they are then checked for any wounds, especially their feet and treated accordingly. They then go into the lodges separately from those who did not go out (hot, lame or need a rest) so that they can sleep in peace as they will be extremely tired. Yards are washed down again and valeting of hunting apparel carried out.

“Just settling down”

“All cosy – Goodnight!”

Best wishes,