The Albrighton & Woodland Hunt is a friendly hunt, which welcomes visitors, new subscribers & those new to hunting are most welcome to our sport. We accept that those new to hunting can find their first venture a bit daunting, so to help you we have produced the information here as a guide.

There is no need to regard hunting as old fashioned because in fact most of the traditions and behaviour associated with hunting are practical and exist for very good reasons, such as to showing a mark of respect to the landowners who’s land the hunt crosses and to show appreciation for the work that hunt officials have put into the planning of a day’s hunting.

When planning your first day, please get in touch with the Hunt Secretary or one of the Masters to find out which meets are suitable for you. One of the smaller meets might be better first time out.

If you prefer to go with the non-jumping field, please find out on arrival at the meet who will be taking the non-jumpers and make yourself known to them.

There is a wealth of infomation to be found on this page, we hope it will answer most of your questions.

Remember: We all had a "First Time" so if in doubt Ask.

The Hunting Year

Officially the hunting year begins on May 1st which is the date upon which new staff or Masters begin their duties. We begin when the harvest allows (normally towards the end of August).

Autumn Hunting

In this the first part of the season with meets being held early in the morning before the temperature rises and evaporates the scent. Meets are usually held twice each week, most are shortly after sun-rise and are part of the process of preparing horses, hounds and the country for the coming season. The Dress code for Autumn Hunting is called ‘Ratcatcher’ (see 'What to Wear' for a brief description).

The Main Season

The ‘formal season’ starts on the last Saturday in October/first Saturday in November with “The Opening Meet”. This is one of the highlights of the year when supporters gather to enjoy the hospitality of our host. It’s a time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. If you would like further information, please contact either the Hunt Secretary or one of the Masters. (See Contacts)