Albrighton & Woodland Hunt

Scale of Subscriptions & Caps 2018/19

Single Person £820 (£760)
Married Couple £1320 (£1240)
Farmer* £480 (£440)
Married Farmers* £790 (£760)
8 Day Subscription (inc. cap, inc 1 gate shutting duty) £560
Non Riding/Qualifying owners Contact Hon Sec
Young Sub aged 21-25 £350
Young Sub aged 17-20 £250
Children 16 & under & PC (inc. cap) £180
Hunt Committee Member (non riding) £130 min
Starter Subscription (for those that have not hunted before) £700
Subscribers Aged 17 or over £20
Subscribers Aged 16 or under Inc. in sub
Adult visitors, Tuesdays Maximum 3 days £65
Adult visitors, Saturdays £80
Visiting Farmers £50
Visitors Cap aged 17 to 25 £45
Visitors Cap aged 16 and under £30
Compound Cap £350
Foot Followers Prefered Daily Cap £ 5
Foot Followers Compound Cap £ 90
Subscribers Autumn Hunting Cap (inc. 7 day subscription) £10
Visitors Autumn Hunting Cap £20

* Farmers rates apply to Farmers who give us permission to ride across their land. With a minimum of 25 acres and who earn the majority of their income from farming.

Newcomers please apply to the Hon. Secretary.

The Hunt's financial year commences on 1st May and Subscriptions are due on that date.
However, any Members, Subscribers, and Farmers paying the full amount prior to 1st June may pay a reduced rate. (Shown in brackets).

Subscriptions may be paid by:

  • Three equal instalments- By the 1st November.
  • Standing Order. Apply Hon. Sec.
  • Compound Caps must be paid on or before your first days Autumn Hunting
  • One single payment no later than the Opening Meet1st October to avoid paying a visitors cap.

Visitors are welcome to hunt with us after application to the Hon. Sec. In consideration of farmers and landowners the Hunt may limit the number of visitors on certain days.

Qualification of Point to Pointers is four days and the name of the horse must be given on the day.

All mounted followers must take their turn at Gate Shutting duties. A rota will be circulated.

Subscribers and visitors ride at their own risk. All subsctibers are expected to be members of the Countryside Alliance which will provide them with Liability Insurance. Their Countryside Alliance membership number should be supplied on the Hunting Application Form

For a Hunting Application Form 2018-2019 click here.

All Subscriptions should be accompanied by a Hunting Application Form. Cheques should be made payable to “Albrighton & Woodland Hunt Limited” and sent to the Hon. Sec. Details of hunting appointments will then be automatically forwarded at regular intervals.