What to Wear


Autumn Hunting (attire referred to as Rat Catcher)
Tweed coat
Shirt and tie or stock shirt and coloured stock
Brown, beige or cream breeches
Brown or black boots or short boots with chaps
Spurs with brown or black straps (optional)
Velvet covered riding hat/hunt cap or dark hat cover with hairnet (for ladies)

From the Opening Meet (attire referred to as Full Fig)
Black or Navy Blue (ladies only)coat
Stock shirt and cream or white stock
Pale breeches
Black boots
Spurs with black straps
Velvet covered riding hat/hunt cap or hat cover to match colour of coat
Gloves (preferably pale matching your breeches)


If you are unsure play safe, use the strongest bit that your horse is used too.
Dark or sheepskin numnahs, following saddle shape
Boots if required
Plait from the Opening Meet (no need to plait for Autmn Hunting or Hound Exersize)
Ribbons (on your horses tail)
Red – if it might kick (please be safe not sorry)
Green – young and/or inexperienced to hunting.
Clean Horse!
Clean Tack!

No one expects you to buy full hunting attire to come along to your first meet to find out if you are going to enjoy hunting. Most importantly be comfortable & warm. If in doubt, please contact one of the Masters or the Secretary.

The Mounted Field