Who's Who

The Masters

Masters are in overall command of the hunting activities. They decide when and where hounds will meet, what coverts are to be drawn, and when hounds will go home. They are responsible for hounds showing the best possible sport under existing conditions; and are responsible for the hounds, the staff, and making sure the riders only go where they are permitted neither causing damage nor annoying the landowners who make the sport possible. In this hunt, there are currently four joint masters.

The Huntsman

Controls the hounds, indicating to them by his horn or voice what he wishes them to do. He attempts to be sure that hounds work together as a pack by encouraging the tail hounds and steadying the lead hounds. In the case of a check he must be prepared to assist hounds to recover the line by use of a cast if necessary. His technical decisions must be quickly made, staff and Field must abide by them.

The Whippers-in

Whippers-In assist the Huntsman in controlling hounds by turning them back to the Huntsman or by encouraging them forward to him as necessary. Whippers-in are also used by the Huntsman to retrieve the hounds should they engage a hare or deer. No one except the Huntsman gives orders to Whippers-In. No one, except by request of the Huntsman or master, should accompany them or attempt to assist them.

The Secretary

Deals with the hunt’s administration, collects the cap (the payment for the day) at the meet and is happy to help you in any way.

The Terrier Men

Are normally seen out hunting on quad bikes or in a 4x4.

The Field

Consists of the mounted followers and is controlled by the Field Master who rides at the head of it. The Field Master is responsible for leading & controlling the Field across the country in pursuit of hounds. Whilst also seeing that the Field does not interfere with hounds in their work; and he is also responsible for seeing that the Field avoids damage to the landowners’ property. The Field should follow the Field Master and follow his instructions.