Albrighton & Woodland Hunt

The Albrighton & Woodland Hunt


With the amalgamation of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunts, the Chairman of the Albrighton, Judith Swinnerton, became Chairman of the combined Hunts until she retired in 2015. Jenny Mincher-Lockett then became Chairman and James Plant became Hon. Secretary.

The existing Mastership of the previous Albrighton Hunt, Charlie Sankey, Andrew Crane, Richard Maddocks and Jen Brown-Watson continued and were joined in 2015 by Mark Mincher-Lockett, Kimberly Dudley and Peter McColgan who had hunted hounds since 2013. Peter moved on in 2018.

At the present time, Andrew Crane continues as Senior Master together with Kimberly Dudley.

Hounds were now all accommodated at the kennels at Whiston Cross, Albrighton, and the previous showing successes of the two Hunts continued. Two thousand and sixteen proved a notable year, especially for ‘Grocer’ (Middleton Albert x Middleton Graceful) that won the best ‘Unentered Dog Hound’ and ‘Horse and Hound Challenge Cup for The Champion Unentered Dog Hound’ at Peterborough in July.

That was preceded by winning the best ‘Unentered Dog Hound’ at the Wales and Border Counties Show, plus the award for the best dog kennelled in Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire & Hereford. Grocer was also placed second best ‘Unentered Dog Hound’ at the Blaston Show, all in June 2016. A tremendous achievement and a fitting tribute to the hound breeding skills of Peter McColgan. Freddie Morby now hunts hounds with Jamie Walsh continuing as whipper-in.

The 2018/19 season and the amalgamated packs, now in their 5th year, bodes well for the future and the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt enjoys sizeable mounted fields. It hunts two days a week, hunts within the law and maintains a well-bred pack of hounds.

Masters of the
Albrighton & Woodland

Charlie H Sankey 2005–16
Andrew Crane MFH 2008-
Richard Maddox 2011-16
Mrs Jen Brown-Watson 2011-16
Mark Mincher-Lockett 2015-18
Peter McColgan 2015-18
Miss Kimberly Dudley MFH 2015-20
James Plant MFH 2019-