Hound Sponsors First Newsletter 2022

Hello to all hound sponsoring folk.

Hope you all had a great Christmas without too much interference from Covid.

Apologies for this late newsletter – moving home and horses takes an incredible amount of time!

We'll start with cubbing, which I know seems a long time ago now. The weather was warm and dry, which is not ideal, in spite of this, some good mornings were had and all the pups entered well.

Of particular note were Alpha, Alibi, Hannah, Album and Banter*¹.

Early on in the main season was again warm and dry, again not so good for scenting conditions although some good days were had. Billington Bank particularly saw some very good hound work and I believe the field had some very good sport.

Unfortunately, the pack then went down with kennel cough and were out of action from early November to the 1st week of December.

Kennel cough can either be a bacterial or viral infection, Duncan believes that in this instance it was viral, although 4 hounds developed secondary bacterial infections and had to be given antibiotics. Hound management during kennel cough lockdown is geared towards not letting them exert themselves too much, to prevent long term damage of the respiratory tract, therefore they were walked out for 10 minutes and then had some time in the grass yards.

The hounds also benefitted from saltwater mist therapy, Tash Wheeler brought a misting machine, the feed yard doors and windows were sealed with plastic and the hounds spent time in there, inhaling the mist. They all had three hour-long sessions. This eased their chests and helped get them back to work.

There is a vaccine available for kennel cough, although our hounds don't receive it at the moment.

The hunting that has gone ahead saw Postman, Poacher and Poppy*² out in front and on the scent – These hounds can trace their line back through Gratis to the Cottley Harriers (where Duncan hails from!).

The older hounds too are all fit and well and enjoying their work.
*¹ Alpha; walked by the Myatt family, sponsored by Ali Lawton & Sally Western.
Alibi; walked by the Myatt family, sponsored by Caroline Bevan.
Hannah;  walked by the Sankey family, sponsored by Angela Sankey & Gwen Lloyd Davies.
Album;  walked by John Foster, sponsored by Caroline Bevan.
Banter; walked by the Poole family, sponsored by Naomi Brown.

*²  Postman; walked by Kimberley Dudley, sponsored by Richard Maddox.
Poacher; walked by Kimberley Dudley, sponsored by John Horton
Poppy; walked by Hazel Shepherd, sponsored by Ella Riley.

Best wishes for 2022,